Enriched with a myriad of useful minerals, minerals, salts, born of mineral deposits, the medicinal water made Truskavets into a major balneological resort of the world. Here the sources of mineral waters, brines with high content of mineral and organic components, intended both for internal and external use, are concentrated.

Mineral waters of Truskavets, the properties of which have a positive effect on each group of human organs, are used in a complex manner:

Water in Truskavets: therapeutic properties

The mineral waters of the resort Truskavets form a popularity quintet, familiar to people from many countries. Naftusya, Maria, Bronislava, Sofia, and Yuzia – these names are known to many who restored their power in the recreational spaces of Western Ukraine.

The waters of Truskavets are characterized by varying degrees of mineralization (1-35 g / l) and differ in their chemical composition (sulfate, sodium, hydrocarbonate-sulfate, hydrocarbonate, calcium-magnesium, etc.).

What is the use of Naftusya mineral water in Truskavets?

Its hydrocarbonate composition with a high content of calcium and magnesium has a hypotonic effect on the body. “Naftusya” refers to weak mineraliazed waters, contains organic substances of crude oil origin. Used directly on site (it loses its useful properties when in contact with air).

Properties of mineral water of Naftusya:

  1. Minimizes lithogenicity of bile and urine. Regular intake as a medical drink reduces the tendency to stones, sand in the bile and urinary system.
  2. Normalizes the work of the liver, organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Releases slags, radionuclides, and products that adversely affect metabolism from the body. Indicated in diseases associated with metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes mellitus, gout).
  4. Removes inflammatory processes in the intestine, liver, urogenital system.
  5. Favorably affects the immunity (activates the work of the glands of the inner secretion).

Mineral water Maria in Truskavets

This is a healing compound for the treatment of inflammatory processes of the digestive system and intestinal disorders. Sodium chloride-sulfate water is prescribed in diabetes mellitus, liver disease, pancreatitis, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Properties of mineral water Maria:

Sofia Mineral Water in Truskavets

One of the most mineralized drinking chloride-sulfate-sodium formations (10g / 1l). It is used for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis with a sharply reduced secretory function of the stomach, colitis, constipation.

Properties of mineral water Sofia:

Non-potable waters of the spa

  1. Mineral water Bronislav in Truskavets. Chloride-sodium compound is used for external use and for effective throat rinsing with tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Recommended for the prevention of these diseases. In pump rooms is served in a heated form.
  2. Water Yuzya turns Truskavets from a health hub into a center of effective cosmetic procedures. Water with a slightly noticeable smell of hydrogen sulfide, identical to glycerol, contains softening components. Application in the form of daily washing with icy “youthful” water has a beneficial effect on the condition of the facial skin. Already after several procedures, the skin will become soft, moist, and elastic.

The Shakhtar sanatorium offers you health improvement, the high quality service and attention of the staff, we help you to find out which water is right for you. Here you will get an inexpensive full range of balneological procedures; you can enjoy clean mountain air, comfortable rest with the children. The sanatorium has undergone a major renovation of the dormitory and medical facilities – you will receive European services at an affordable price. For your convenience in the sanatorium hall there is an internal pump room of the most popular mineral waters of Truskavets.

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