Therapeutic procedures in Truskavets – an individual approach to each patient

What makes you visit the baneological resort? The disease of a certain organism, general fatigue and malaise, the need to recover from an injury or surgery, or just a desire to recover? On the updated medical base of the Shakhtar sanatorium for each person a unique complex of medical procedures has been developed.

The only system of health improvement includes internal and external influence on the body:

  • drinking mineral waters;
  • healthy diet;
  • treatment with mineral and vortex baths, thermal procedures and applications, electro and physiotherapy procedures;
  • tactical influence (massage, Charcot shower, ascending and fan (circular) showers);
  • indirect natural factors (pure mountain air, fertile, calm atmosphere).

Medical water treatments

  1. Baths (pearl, mineral). Baths affect the body with temperature, and have mechanical (hydrostatic pressure) and chemical effect (composition of baths and the concentration of certain substances in water). Baths based on heavily mineralized waters, with the addition of essential oils and decoctions of herbal collections help to effectively combat chronic ailments. Water at a certain temperature relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation, skin pores under the influence of heat are opened, saturated with mineral substances and useful components.
  2. Shower. The spiral, circular, ascending, underwater showers, a powerful flow of the Charcot shower these therapeutic regenerative procedures are aimed at correcting the shape and stimulating blood circulation at certain points in the body. A direct effect on certain areas increases the muscle tone, removes stiffness after heavy workouts, pain after injuries, and topes up the whole body. Depending on the temperature and pressure of the water supply, the influence of the shower changes: the warm, low-power jet relaxes, the contrasting – topes up. The implementation of medical procedures using a directed water jet is to be prescribed by the doctor, since some types of showers have contraindications.
  3. Pools with ordinary and mineral water. Their effect is much brighter. Swimming favourably affects all systems of the body: strengthens the locomotorium, improves the posture, develops the respiratory system, and strengthens the heart. As a result – improved well-being, good sleep, appetite, endurance. Regular swimming in the basins of sanatoria of Truskavets, aqua aerobics in the environment of high-level mineralization of local waters – healing and normal procedures normalize processes of metabolism, removal of wastes and toxins from the body. Therapeutic spa procedures help with physical and mental strain, promote relaxation of muscles and the acquisition of inner peace and harmony.

Therapeutic procedures of directed action

A course of mineral water treatment is prescribed after a detailed examination of the patient. Depending on the localization of the disease, individual types of therapeutic procedures are selected. The direct effect on the focus of the disease gives a more effective result. Within this treatment, patients are prescribed:

  • intestinal washing (enema, lavage, hydrocolon) with mineral waters, medicinal preparations, herbal decoctions. Used in diseases of the intestine, colitis, gastritis, some diseases of the gall bladder and liver;
  • micro-enema These rectal treatments provide local antiseptic, analgesic action on the mucous membrane of the large intestine. The useful properties of injectable mixtures (mineral water, medicines, oils, herbal decoctions) are not lost, as is the case with oral administration, they do not overload the liver. They are used in the treatment of prostatitis, colitis, inflammatory processes in the rectum;
  • irrigation This is a medical and prophylactic procedure for cleaning mucous membranes from excrements, pathological bacteria. It is used in the treatment of diseases of the rectum, gynecological diseases.

Unique treatment procedures of Truskavets

Each of the listed processes is unique, because it uses mineral water of a special composition. But the most unique are the medical procedures in a speleo-chamber and the use of ozokerite (mountain wax).

Speleo-chambers with a therapeutic microclimate resemble the atmosphere of a natural salt cave. Procedures in such rooms strengthen the immune system, help to get rid of chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Ozokerite with its ability to keep heat for a long time is indispensable in the form of applications for various chronic diseases (cystitis, arthrosis, cholecystitis, etc.).

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