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An important component of treating any illness in Truskavets is a healthy diet. Nourishment in the course of treatment is given a special role. Therefore, looking for a sanatorium in Truskavets, be sure to pay attention to the quality of food in it. It is also convenient if the food is included in the cost of the trip. Those to whom the doctor has prescribed dietary dietetics, it is necessary to clarify whether the dietetic tables are offered at the sanatorium.

Food at Shakhtar sanatorium

All of the above mentioned conditions are fulfilled at the Shakhtar sanatorium. Here you will be offered healthy diet, developed by experts in the field of dietology. Chefs deserve a highest level of praise. They not only cook delicious dishes, but also try to maximize the useful properties of the products used in the preparation process.
The canteen of the Shakhtar sanatorium has been recently renovated. Now you can enjoy delicious, and most importantly – healthy dishes in a beautiful setting to easy instrumental music. The dining room accommodates 280 guests and is equipped with air conditioning.

All About Healthy Diet

The main feature of a properly developed diet – the balance and compliance with the methods of food processing. Healthy diet is one of the basic principles of recovery and treatment in all medical and health facilities of Truskavets.
Healthy diet is a very important factor that allows patient receive a complete and diverse set of nutrients. In various diseases, an individual diet is prescribed taking into account the features of the body structure of a person and the characteristics of metabolic processes.

Principles of dietary medical nutrition

1. Considering the features of metabolism. Each person has a different metabolism. Somebody eats well and does not gain weight, but sometimes a person follows an exhausting diet and does not lose weight. The medical diet should influence the metabolism. Frequently, easily digestible carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain and blood sugar levels, are subject to restriction.

2. Dietary regime. Healthy diet is not only a certain set of products, but also their regular eating at one and the same time. Observance of this principle contributes to the development of conditioned reflex: at some time gastric juice and other digestive enzymes begin exude actively, that creates favorable conditions for digestion. Meals should taken be every 3-4 hours. Under such regime, the risk of gastritis, cholecystitis and excessive body weight is reduced.

3. Diversity. Dietary foods should be of plant and animal origin. It is necessary to include meat, fish, milk, fruits, vegetables, cereals in the menu. So you can be sure of the full supply of the body with the required set of trace elements.

4. Individual diet. The success of the spa treatment is based on an individual approach to each visitor. An experienced dietician takes into account not only the fact of the patient’s illness, but also the stage, the peculiarities of the organism and the accompanying diseases. Healthy diet, developed on an individual diet, takes into account food allergies, intolerance of products, etc.

5. The combination of many ingredients. Healthy diet and dietary tables take into account not only the chemical composition, the caloric content of the dish in general, but also the influence of each ingredient on the body. For example, vegetable oils, honey lose their properties during heat treatment, they are advised to fill salads or add to stewed vegetables immediately before serving on the table. Properly selected products are a medical device for many ailments.

6. Method of processing. Cooking will become a key to your health if the food handling is done correctly. Proper healthy diet combines dishes cooked in steam, stewed, cooked, baked in the oven. Fried, smoked, overly sharp should be excluded from the daily ration.

7. Accounting for all diseases. When developing a dietary diet it is necessary to consider the concomitant diseases. Dietary nutrition can be either the only curative factor or general background that enhances the effect of medication or balneotherapy.

Healthy diet, tables at the Shakhtar sanatorium

In the Shakhtar sanatorium, you will be able to assess the merits of a properly cooked meal. It is most effective in combination with other therapeutic factors: drinking mineral waters, balneological procedures, massage, curative physical training. The next day you can order dining at the resort for a pre-specified menu. Dietary nutrition will be one of the most important factors in the effective treatment of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, diabetes, obesity, will help restore metabolic processes – improve the function of individual body systems. This is an integral part of the resort treatment at the Shakhtar sanatorium.

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