Welcome to the Shakhtar Truskavets sanatorium

Those who are looking for a resort in Ukraine, where one can have a great rest and improve their health, will not find a better option than Truskavets. For over 190 years, people from all over Ukraine and foreign countries have been coming to Truskavets to experience the miraculous effect of local mineral waters. Truskavets is famous not only for its healing waters, but also for the excellent quality of service and highly qualified medical staff.

People who plan their trip to Truskavets, in the first place, must solve the issue of putting up. After all, the general impression of the trip depends on where you live.
One of the best health resorts is the Shakhtar Truskavets sanatorium.

Brief information about the sanatorium Shakhtar Truskavets

Beginning its work on May 31, 1975, thanks to the clever and thoughtful leadership, as well as the qualified staff, the sanatorium has occupied a leading position among other medical establishments of the resort.

The sanatorium offers treatment and rest in Truskavets to 400 visitors at a time. In 2013, the sanatorium was completely revamped (renovated), having purchased the up-to-date medical equipment. For your attention there are comfortable rooms of different categories with modern layout and equipment. Accommodation is more than affordable. If you come with children, the sanatorium can offer a free children’s room and an outdoor playground. For large families there is an “Apartment” type suite or a separate cottage. This is a great option if you do not want to live in the main building, but you want to use all the services offered by the site of the sanatorium Shakhtar Truskavets.

Regarding the location: the sanatorium is far from the noisy downtown and dusty streets. From the windows there is a beautiful view of the mountains and a lake with potable water. For the maximum comfort of clients the sanatorium Shakhtar Truskavets has a pump room of its own.

Medical Base of Shahtar

Comfortable rooms and European level of service are not the only reasons why the comments on the Shakhtar Truskavets sanatorium are extremely positive. One of the important reasons why vacationers choose Shakhtar is a high level of the medical base, qualified medical staff and the most up-to-date equipment. The main directions in the sanatorium are the treatment of diseases of the liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal organs, kidneys and bladder, pancreas, prostate. All procedures combine many years of experience and modern techniques. You can get more detailed information by visiting the official site of the Shakhtar Truskavets sanatorium, section “Treatment”.

Activities and leisure facilities

In addition to undergoing the prescribed procedures in the sanatorium, you can also have a great time. There is an indoor pool, a gym, a children’s room, volleyball, a sports and playground, and a large, cozy area where you can stroll and breathe fresh air. The whole atmosphere at the Shakhtar Truskavets sanatorium promotes your relaxation and well-being.

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